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Join ABEXSOFT affiliate program, earn up to 55% commission right now! We offer 55% commission and all new affiliates are automatically approved. 

Build your own affiliate network to increase your visibility and your overall software sales rate. Having thousands of affiliates promoting your products - free for you - is the best internet marketing tool and the fastest way to increase your website sales and profits.
Avangate offers an easy to implement, quick and effective way to set up a pay-per-sale affiliate network.
All application software is hosted and managed by Avangate and the set up time is minimal.
With our pay-per-sale affiliate program, you will pay a fee when an authorized affiliate refers a customer to your site that buys your products or services. The affiliate will receive a commission when the sale is generated.

How to be an affiliate?

Joining is free and getting started is simple. Start with visiting at

How to sell products as an affiliate?

Add the affiliates page to your website

See more about the importance of the Affiliates Information Page on your website.



1. Any discount promotion of our products by affiliates should be authorized by Abexsoft, Inc. Every affiliate must not offer additional coupons, bonuses or incentives to the customer. Please contact us if you have any discount promotion plan.

2. Affiliates must not use "Abexsoft", "Abexsoft, Inc.", "", "Abexsoft Official" or similar wording in any advertising, which may mislead consumers.

3. Affiliates must not do any ads on any search engine/site for the keyword "Abexsoft", or similar words.

4. Affiliates may not redistribute Abexsoft Products in any way without written permission from Abexsoft.

5. Affiliates should not submit our products to other websites by changing the product name or even using the same name of our products.

6. It is not allowed to sell any of our products by affiliates on website which is related to auction, such as, eBay.

7. All rights reserved by Abexsoft, Inc.